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Loft on the Lake

Loft on the LakeChicago is a city full of diversity and creativity. Every year thousands of people choose to get married within the city limits. A perfect representation of this uniqueness can be found in The Loft on The Lake. As a small wedding venue in Chicago The Loft offers an intimate setting in a unique location. The owners of the loft have been in the photography and graphic design businesses for the past 20 years, and are fully aware of what it takes to pull off a gorgeous wedding. Natural lighting makes this the perfect venue for couples who want to bring the outdoors indoors.

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Gallery 1028

Gallery 1028Spacious, affordable, and beautiful, Gallery 1028 is an amazing location to say I do. The main area is 4,000 square feet with 16 foot tall ceilings. There are also 6 East facing windows that allow natural light into the space. There are many wedding venues in Chicago IL, but there is only one Gallery that can represent the art and beauty of Chicago. If you want to have a true Chicago wedding that represents everything you hold dear about this fabulous city, then you should check out the Gallery as a potential venue location.

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Omni Chicago Hotel

Omni Chicago HotelThe Omni Hotel in Chicago is exquisitely designed to accommodate weddings and special events. They have beautiful ballrooms, reception halls, and even party halls for you and your groom to choose from. Their entire staff is specifically geared towards customer service and each team member works together to help you create the wedding and reception of your dreams. The hotel itself includes state-of-the-art technology that can be used to create an atmosphere of your liking. Another bonus of booking your hotel through Omni is the free Honeymoon stay offer at one of their resorts! Gorgeous location coupled with a bonus stay in an exclusive hotel, yes please!

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Stan Mansion

Stan MansionStorybook romances don’t happen every day, and neither does your wedding day. Chicago wedding venues are not difficult to find, but the one that makes your heart skip a beat should be the one you choose. Stan Mansion could be that venue for you. Stan Mansion is located in the heart of Old Chicago and is recognized as one of the oldest buildings in the area. Newly renovated and restored, the building is perfect for a charming and fabulous wedding. Whether you are having a grandiose affair with hundreds of guests, or far fewer guests and need a small wedding venue, Stan Mansion can meet your needs.

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